PowerApps: How-to Enable Dataverse Column Level Security (Formerly CDS: Field-level Security)

Many business automation processes will require certain fields/columns to have a higher level of security. This post will cover how to enable a field for field level security and how to create a Field Security Profile.

  • Open up PowerApps > Navigate to Data > Select Tables.
  • Select the Dataverse/CDS table that has a field you would like to enable Field Security on.
  • Select the column/field.
  • Under Advanced Options > Check “Enable column security”
  • Ensure you save the table.
  • Click the Gear Icon at the top right of the screen and select “Advanced Settings”
  • Then click the Settings Down Arrow and select “Security”
  • Then select “Field Security Profiles”
  • Click on “New” at the top left of the screen.
  • Give your Field Security Profile a name and description. *You have to save the first time configure the settings.
  • After saving, Click “Field Permissions”
  • In the list of fields, select the field that you enabled for field level security.
  • Now you can set three options:
    • Allow Read – allows users assigned this profile the ability to view this field.
    • Allow Update – allows users assigned this profile the ability to update/change information in this field.
    • Allow Create – allows users assigned this profile the ability to create/add information to this field.

You may need to create multiple profiles for the same field in the case users need different permissions. (E.G. some can only view and others can update/create.

  • Once you set the permissions you will need to assign this profile.
  • There are two methods to assigning the profile:
    • Users: This method allows you to add users to the profile.
    • Teams: This method allows you to add teams to the profile. *This method is great if your teams are well maintained and minimizes administrative management.

When you use the field in a Model-Driven App form you should now see a lock next to the field:

Here is the official Microsoft Documentation on Field Level Security: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/field-level-security

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